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I recommend getting some cooking oils/butter/mayo into your diet. You may or may not know but you still need fats from these sources (and these sources are mostly low in saturated fats and have no trans fat). But fat and .... aside, these cooking oils also give vitamin E. It is important to have vitamin E in your diet because it is an antioxidant.

Mostly your diet seems to be doing good in terms of vitamins and minerals, but you are lacking in terms of proteins (just by a tiny bit). If you want to omit meat from your diet, that's fine but you do need a large amount of nuts and tofu etc. eggs also work in this manner. It is important to get sufficient protein in your diet to fulfill your body's need on essential amino acids that your body cannot manufacture.

Last but not least, you need more animal products. There is a crucial vitamin called vitamin B12. These vitamins ONLY CAN BE OBTAINED THROUGH ANIMAL PRODUCTS.

But yeah, I've probably left out a lot.

Sources: well, I'm not the most knowledgeable guy on this but I've done a course on nutrition and I'm a nursing student.
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