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Oh, herrrrro......
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ok.... have to post on this.
i was at namm, and watched him play. i'm friends with a guy who played with him at the same booth. i introduced myself to tiago, went to shake his hand, and tiago looked away.
my friend randall says "dude, that's my friend shane", to which tiago just looked at me and nodded his head.
arrogant = that's a positive

they did a couple arrangements, like improv stuff..... slow jams and fast jams. randall was really good, nice phrasing, fast here and there, but definitely good.
tiago cannot phrase for ..... note choices are elementary at best, coordination sucks, and timing is quite lacking.

so i got to see his fast picking. = yeah, he's fast, but not constant... for example... if he's playing 16th notes at 250, you can hear breaks in his picking, little holes now and again. when he plays "normal people fast" like 150-180bpm, it sounds like me when i was a little teeny bopper trying to impress dudes.

then i saw the bumblebee thing...... let me just say this....... it's just his twitch picking, with pinky leading on almost all the notes..... he LITERALLY is not moving his fingers. no different than taking your first finger and moving it around and picking fast.

ok, that's my rant..... if he was a decent guy, i wouldn't have bitched, but oh well.
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