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Have you tried installing Line 6 Mokey and doing updates through it?

Have you tried adjusting buffer size?
Yes, Have tried this, no change. The driver for the ux2 is current.
I have a UX8 and had all sorts of issues with windows 7. There were audio drop outs, pops, and clicks during play back and recording. I tried everything imaginable but ended up just going to a dual boot system with my recording software on the drive with XP. Hopefully there is a more compatible driver released in the future. You can also go to the Line 6 forum and have them start a "support ticket" but you can imagine how good their support is Good luck.
Yeah I have tried the line 6 support forum, what a help that was haha. Maybe what I will do is run a dual boot system until line6 gets their .... together, seeing as xp actually works. I really like the pod interface for the fact that you can get a half decent tone out of it on a budget. Not sure what else I would use to practice/record from another brand around the same price range.
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