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Line6 UX2 pod studio problems..

I have just recently bought a new pod studio ux2 (the newer model) from the local music store, after using a guitar port for years, and am starting to regret it. I am not having any issues in pod farm or gearbox, but rather while just listening to audio (youtube, itunes, etc). When I am listening to music or watching videos on youtube, the audio will randomly cut out in the middle of a song or video. Upon unplugging/plugging in the usb cable, the clip lights beside both meters will flash, and my computer will no longer detect the unit. When I go into hardware/sound and try to disable the ux2 and re-enable it, the sound settings window stops responding and I have to force close. It seems to affect the volume settings program and also freezes up firefox if I am watching a video when it happens.

The only thing that fixes the problem is closing everything I am doing and re-booting the computer. 90% of the time the computer wont even shut-down and I end up having to hold the power button to reset it.

I have tried everything line6 says to solve the issue (adjust the latency in the driver settings, leave everything unplugged except for the ux2, tweak windows performance settings, try different usb ports, etc), and all of my drivers are up to date. Im at a loss with this thing! My guess is it is most likely an issue with windows 7 that line6 is yet to address.

Computer is an acer aspire laptop, windows 7 64bit, intel core i3 350m, 4g ram, 600g hd. Running mozilla firefox.

Is anybody else having the same problem with newer line 6 products on windows vista/7 os? I have replaced it once already, thinking it was a hardware issue, with no change. If I cant fix it this time I think I am giong to look into a different interface.

Thanks for reading and any responses are greatly appreciated!

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