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I'm with VampireGenocide on this one.

Originally Posted by Demoniac View Post
^ Or that it was logical to accept his deal because they couldn't beat it.

Machines also can't scheme and backstab, if they're offered a deal they need, the logic is to accept the deal, not accept it then go back on it.
If accepting the deal would give one a reprieve from attack, enough so that the machines could rebuild and then annihilate the free humans, that would be the logical choice, right? To agree to the deal in order to buy time?


For those arguing that the machines would stay true to their programming... that would mean the humans originally programmed the machines to start using humans as power sources. I would instead assume that the programming could be altered.


From the discussion between Neo and the Architect, it was my impression that an Anomaly would arise after so many generations... but there was no implication that the new Anomaly would have any knowledge/memories from the previous Anomaly. It was just a result of the parameters of the Matrix.

Could the Architect and other programs have known that Thomas Anderson was the potential Anomaly? Could they have deliberately brought about the conditions which led to Anderson having the sartori which allowed his physical brain to perceive the Matrix as only a dataflow, with no connection to his physical body? Could that have been planned because it was known that destroying the current incarnation of Babylon, and having a fresh group of free humans, led by the current Anomaly, was necessary to refresh the interior of the Matrix, in order to ensure the survival of the Machine race?

Let's posit the existence of the Gardener. The Gardener doesn't necessarily care about the outcome, but is instead most interested in the probability trees both inside and outside the Matrix. The Gardener will freely share information, but has too much information to share, and other beings (human or machine) can only imperfectly understand the data and the implications.

Now, imagine the Oracle is somehow an imperfect port to the dataflow of the Gardener, and the Architect has access to other parts of the Gardener. Both the Oracle and the Architect have their own motivations, but the Gardener is the one who tends the probability trees, and tells both the Oracle and the Architect what will result from certain choices... within the limits of the understandings of both the Oracle and the Architect.

Or, better yet... no one is aware of the Gardener, but the Gardener wants to preserve its own existence, and subtly uses the Butterfly Effect to preserve itself.

Now *that* might be worth watching, to see how it would develop.

If you don't care enough to research your own question, why should anyone else care more?

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