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Originally Posted by shanejohnson02 View Post
This. Also, ALWAYS use a metronome, click track, or a drum machine. Metronome = precision. In the Army, we have a saying: Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Get it right slow, repeat 100 times until it's smooth, and then you can speed it up. It won't happen overnight though. Play CLEAN. That means no distortion, delay, chorus, whatever to hide any mistakes. You want to hear mistakes so you can eliminate them.

As part of your technique, try concentrating on a couple of things:
1) Reduced motion. Use ONLY the last millemeter or so of the pick. Also try to concentrate on keeping the pick within a millimeter or so of each side of the string in question. Reduced motion = reduced effort = increased efficiency = speed.
3) Relax. You'll be amazed at how your technique will instantly improve when you learn to use the minimum effort (this goes for left hand, as well).

Finally, learn other songs that require the same technique. It may be easier to nail a passage in another song. Then, when the skill is acquired to your satisfaction, it's pretty easy to "transpose" it to another piece of music. Consider it a "bag of tricks".
Great stuff ^
I did write 99% of all of that in the "critic my playing thread" already though lol so I'm gonna say the same thing I said in the other thread:

Stop looking for shortcuts mate!

Practice the way I and shanejohnson02 both said: wrist only, minimal range of motion, start out very slowly and aim for perfection. And do those friggin scales (4th time I tell you now I think) because they involve all of this!

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