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Originally Posted by Pyramid Gallery View Post
I've got both too, (IV rev A too) and like K-roll says, it's ....IN LOUD.
Nothing quite palm mute chunks the same as the Marks, it's like Metalli Justice in a box - without the comb filtering. But it's not modern sounding at all, no grit, it's too smooth. BUT, I add grit with an eq pedal with a slight mid boost and passive PUs. Notice how Ola boosts with an 808 in that vid. Emg81s add the grit but I hate the bass reduction. I think the B version might be a tad more modern sounding. If you want both amps, they will deliver, but it sounds like you just want one amp, so I recommend a good clean and modern dirty, maybe a roadster, or a 5150III if you don't mind less bass. Skip a gas step. Get what you really want.
Wouldn't upping both last faders on the graph EQ and boosting the .... out of that front end work? because i normally set the EQ on my Small Mesa combo Bass 0 - Treble 10 - Mid -10 for the same purpose, but my little mesa doesn't have a graphic EQ and i just never tried it out with a boost, yet.

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