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Originally Posted by Scar Symmetry View Post
@Orb: I think the reason people bring other religions into the discussion because they know that if they don't say it, someone will call them out on it. Better to have shown where you stand on a matter than for someone to erroneously assume that you are condemning one party but condoning another.
I hear ya man, but it shouldn't be needed. We shouldn't need giant disclaimers and pro-active defense for our own thoughts and opinions.

The people pulling off these baby killings are morons. And they happen to be Muslim. And they happen to be from Pakistan. The only thing that really concerns me is their warped religious justification for their actions.

I'm sure anyone can create a nice laundry list of atrocities from other faiths... that's fine, but my point and ire, is about this particular incident.

Tomorrow when something else comes up as news, and the people involved happen to be bass ackwards Christians or what have you, we can all point in disgust at those idiots. Till then, I see no need to go out of my way bashing or bringing other faiths into this discussion. Wrong is wrong across the board, no matter who's doing it.
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