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What astounds me is every single time something like this is brought up, almost immediately, it becomes a proverbial dick-measuring contest between Islam and other faiths, predominantly Christianity and/or Catholicism.

My point to this thread is to reflect on the atrocity. And yet, it always seems to bring apologists and those that say that Islam is no better or no worse, than any other religion. That may be true to a certain degree, but why must it always be a finger pointing contest? What the .... do things happening TODAY in Pakistan have to do with Christianity 500 years ago?


Absolutely nothing.

No comparisons are needed. No juxtaposition of Islam with other religions is needed. No justifications are needed. And most importantly, no free passes should be doled out like candy. What they're doing is wrong. They're doing it in the name of their religion. That's atrocious. If you want to compare it to Christianity or things that have happened in other religions, past or present, save it for another thread.
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