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Healthly Eating/Fitness

I know some of you are a wealth of knowledge on healthy eating and fitness so I was going to get your advice on my recent (call it 2 months) eating healthy/staying fit.

A typical day of eating...

1 cup Organic Soy
Low Fat Yogurt w/All Bran Buds + 1 chopped banana
1 Grapefruit
Small snack of almonds+walnuts+dried cranberries
Tuna on Rye bread
Raw veggie snack (carrot, celery, brocolli)
Soup w/a side of sorts (2 egg omelette w/some cheese)
Decaff Green tea instead of a snack

I try to do 30-45 minute workout daily at a moderate pace. Soemthing like...

Run/knee lifts on spot
Various curls/chest exercises with free weights (need heaveir weights)
More running
More weights
More pushups
More running/streching
Situps (although I find push ups give me a better ab workout)
Strech/cool down

I started out about 195+ lbs and am down to 183/4ish. So lost about 10-12 pounds already and am starting to look and feel alot better. I am wondering if there is anything else I can do to help drop weight or if my eating is healthy/enough calories. I am 23 years old, 6 foot even.

Also I take part in epic multi hour sexerices several times a week.

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