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Super cool guitars. I love that natural guitar in the back, and I really like the guy.

But did anyone else wince at "minor fifth?" I doubt anyone is going to be playing these guitars in Quartertone.

10-32 Guitars is the brainchild of Chaz Ginest, a 12-year veteran of pretending to be a musician, guitarist, and societally acceptable individual. Even though he has failed at all three of those things, the man can build a guitar.
The less-than-proud owner of an Electronics Engineering degree from the integrity challenged and oft-ridiculed DeVry University, he uses his technical prowess and love of the almighty riff to produce the most shred-ready axes on the planet.
8 years of on-stage frustration using the mediocre instruments available to the general public has fueled a passion for creating instruments that allow serious guitarists to perform at the peak of their abilities.
10-32 guitars are guaranteed to give you an on-stage experience more satisfying than any other instrument, and are designed to maximize your prowess as a performing artist.
The sole purpose of purchasing a new instrument is to solve problems, maximize your ability, and most of all INSPIRE creativity. Regardless of what instrument you choose, PLAY FOR BLOOD my friends.

- Chaz Ginest
I like him.
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