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Originally Posted by xCaptainx View Post
impulses wont work with an HD300; you cant turn the cab/mic simulation off.

I have to wait for the weekend to give it a more thorough try. I haven't figured out the manual controls and ony had it connected to my PC for some time. Custom Tone is a nice interface, but the unit is crazy weird to operate with your feet. Pushing two controls at once to scroll through channels and such is weird. I really like the delays on this though and the looping possibility as well.

IS there a way to bypass the amp/cab simulations and only use the effects direct into the amp? I am trying to find this in the manual but it's not very clear.

I have to give this thing a hard spin. If I had known better on the various simulators, modellers and editors before I would have just taken an Apogee One and used all inside the computer directly.

Also, I bought this mainly to play silent. But it is nowhere comparable with the CLASS A sound I get from my Koch Twintone, specially having it controlled and setup like I love it for over a year now.

Maybe I shouldn't have gased and gotten the REV JR Pro head I wanted instead... ahahahahha.

I am staying tuned to you guys. Everything I can learn will be of good use. Teh downgrading is a step ahead for sure.
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