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Originally Posted by thenickarchives View Post
haha you used audacity? nice. this sounds pretty good. did you mic the line 6? or does that go direct?

Recording into audacity then adjusted all the DB and used an equilaizer (so drums dont bite with guitar on the same frequencies etc and solo, but sound is already recorded so good, no after sound adjustement) Then I exported it full quality as wav, inserted it into my full version of fl studio and used the compressor and the almighty "MAXIMIZER" on clean RMS (with my own settings) exported to 320kbs mp3 = success

It's pretty simple to record this way and it also keeps the fun! Quick and easy!

Forgot to add that I don't use EZDrummer, I tried it and I really dislike it, really. I have more fun and better results using drumsite (my own preset which equally I work for over an year on) writing the midi in guitar pro! Quicker faster adjustment and easier frequency and loudness controlling!
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