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Originally Posted by NaYoN View Post
Dude I love the song, it looks really cheesy but that's completely fine! Awesome tune.
Hahaha! I know it's a bit cheesy, cannot really put my finger on what makes it cheesy, but I must agree... It might be the low budget + the 80's sunglasses of the piper... anyway, I hope it's not too bad and I'm glad you like the tune.

Originally Posted by Michael Dragus
Your voice is amazing at first I was like then I was like can't wait to hear more for you
Gee, thanks man. I guess my voice is a kinda love/hate thing. I usually get very positive comments OR pure abuse and insults. I'm really glad you like it. My range is not awesome, but I have a timbre that some people describe as warm or pleasant, so that's something to start with. Sometimes my upper range sounds a bit forced, but I'm working on that... It's all about a bit of talent A LOT of hard work in my case!
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