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Originally Posted by RaceCar View Post
While Marco Minnimen is a fantastic drummer and very classically trained and has experience with tech death, for some reason I dont feel like he would be a MASSIVE Dream Theater fan, who knows the technicalities of every single song in their catalog. But then again who knows, its all shady.
Marco is one of those freakishly talented, brainy drummers drummer guys. He can probably learn the entire DT catalogue in three days.

That's why I don't like him for the job, I'd rather have a show-off, stick twirling, rock drummer than a prodigy like him.

I'd rather have someone like Mike Mangini step in, who is a great showman like Portnoy and plays in a way that normal people respond to.

9 out of 10 non-drummers will watch a Minneman drum solo and find it boring even though it's techincally amazing and very unique.
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