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In regard to the "we need vehicles" argument, which I hear often - sure we do, but do they need to still be using old fossil fuel technology that emits hazardous exhaust? I haven't seen much pioneering till recently and we know the oil companies worked hard to stifle new energy in the past. Then there are large corporations paying off lawmakers so they can cheaply dump or burn off waste into the environment. So is that a necessity? Also, I agree transportion is important, but is it necessary for someone to get into a large SUV to drive three blocks to the store, or to work when they can take mass transit?

About my Nazi comment which "offended" someone, when you take away someone's right to enjoy themselves with a nanny "greater good" goal that does seem extremely controlling. Id been a skateboarder for years. Do you have any idea how many cities and towns have banned skateboarding? Not even just the tricksters but just riding one for transport. Rules in this country are only getting stricter and more absurd.

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