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Originally Posted by Captastic View Post
Yeah..his new BFR guitars are alder...

His orginal JP6 (which has been in production much longer than the BFR) is basswood ass...

Between Jemsite...HC...and other sites I've heard better results with Basswood and Mahogony than Alder...
actually if you read what i wrote, i said nothing about jp6 or bfr. i said "petrucci's guitar". that's the guitar with which he makes music that a lot of people like.

EDIT: I've never played through a CL/LF in alder, but I read a forum where some dude said it didn't sound good an alder. and that dude had never played it through alder, but he read other forums where people had better results in other woods beside alder. i can't wait to give advice to other people about the pickups with my new-found knowledge; it's not like it would do more harm than good. i'm really confident in my opinion as well. you could say i'm an expert about alder and cl/lf. i love how much knowledge i'm accumulating without ever having any first-hand experience.
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