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hrmmm just played around with those settings a little (I only work in 5's for settings, I'm not that much of a purist);

Drive 50, Bass 55, Mid 95, Treb 60, Pres 70, C.Vol 72 (somewhat normalised with my other sounds)

Angel F-Ball 100, 4x12 Blackback 30, 57 on axis, ER 9

4 band Shift EQ, 3.0/5.0/2.5 12 o'clock, 10 o'clock

Pretty much the same, pans out real nice as Pre-amp through my 6505 power amp on my EMG equipped RGT. Cheers for the settings, it fills a whole in my slowly growing tone bank (only had my HD300 for a week).

You know, I'm not going to hate or target you for neg. rep. if you leave your name. I'm sure I can find plenty of other reasons to hate

Stop calling it detuned. It's tuned, just not to standard. It's not a DeVries.
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