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Originally Posted by turbo View Post
for instance, youre in NY. im in az. if you found something on the phx,az cl, i could go check it out for you. and maybe pick it up for you. then you and i would work out the details. there are a ton of people here on 7st, im sure im not the only one on here willing to help out.

i know you dont know me from anyone else, but its just a thought to help you get the ball rolling.

good luck with the hunt
I just picked up an RG7421 for Christmas, but I appreciate your help! Your post actually gave me a great idea for the site; What if there was Group made for people who found something on Craigslist but were too far from the seller? If someone lives near the seller of said item, the potential buyer could have a forum member from here check the guitar out or potentially buy it for them and ship it themselves. Example....

Forum Member A in NY wants guitar From Seller X in SanFran
Forum Member B lives in SanFran
Member A gives Member B the money for guitar
Member B meets Seller X to look at/buy guitar
Member B ships Member A guitar

I think this would be a great idea, as it would give a lot of people a wider variety of options of buying from craigslist without relying on a complete stranger. I don't know about you guys, but I'd feel a lot safer going through one of you than through some entirely random guy
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