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Originally Posted by CD1221 View Post
play that thing on stage and people will be undressing themselves at your feet.

so.... what are you doing with it? body shape?
That's what I'm going for.

Well, I keep wishing schecter brought back the 00 shape. Fortunately I still have time to decide on almoast everything. I might even make it a bolt-on... who knows.

Originally Posted by Prydogga View Post
The grain looks like their is a watermark of a mountain over it! It looks so good!
I had not seen that. I had also not thought of the meshuggah cover. It seems to look like a ton of things. It has an unbelievably evil face on the top, but apparently where I see that evil face my mom sees Jesus .

Originally Posted by airpanos View Post
I am here to witness an upcoming luthier.
Rock on.
Pfft. You arent doing too bad yourself. Particularly doing everything we think wont work, and making it work.
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