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Originally Posted by IDLE View Post
Well for one they don't get free college. They won't even be able to get Pell grants. They are however eligible for private loans like anyone else though. In some states like California they are eligible for instate tuition provided they grew up in CA and went to Highschool there. Either way I think college should be free to anyone making the commitment.

Also why would you not want someone that is willing to fight for our country or use their education for the betterment of our society as a citizen? That's exactly the kind of citizen I want in this country. Think about it this way, where was Einstein born and what country was he a citizen of when he died? There are plenty more examples of that.

My opinion is that this is another example of the Republican's disinformation strategy. It feeds on nepotism and racism, not to mention a lot of the reasons against it are lies. I do agree there is an immigration problem, but these are the people we want.
I also agree with this. People are just so caught up in scapegoating of these people and they miss the real issue here. Once again, this is not granting anyone free education at the expense of poor honest hard working racist classist americans. Students would have to pay out of pocket or access private loans/grants. Now if the aid is private, then its not taking anything from anyone. On the other hand, these people came here or stayed here illegally while being minors, I don't see why they should be treated as if they really had any choice.

We bring tons people from overseas under H1 work visas to people who are not essential or sometimes even qualified for the jobs they claim, when we have all thee people here who have the capabilities and yet, we deny them jobs. But who is complaining there??

We blame undocumented migrants for taking our jobs (mostly jobs that we don't even want to do), yet when companies move overseas and take away thousands of jobs from american, who is complaining there? We actually award them by giving them tax breaks, lol.

Immigrants themselves aren't the problem, they immigration problem is only a byproduct of the capitalist system we embrace, of the "free" market that we preach. The right wing wants an open market, yet the reality is that only the goods market is open, labor remains systematically fixed and suppressed.

This is the right wing doing what it does best. People on the top keep playing with the country, while managing to convince the vulnerable middle class that the cause of their problems is not them, but rather the lower disenfranchised classes. Divide and conquer, works every time.

So yeah, I buy none of the arguments against the DREAM act.

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