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Originally Posted by Inazone View Post
You can't really throw percentages at this. As has been stated, you need an amp with an effects loop. If you're only using the HD500 for effects, it'd run in the loop like any effects unit, but if the distorted tones/amp models are coming from it as well, plug your guitar into the HD500 and the HD500 straight into the effects loop return. This way, you're bypassing the amp's preamp section entirely, so your amplified tone is the combination of the HD500 and the amp's power section.

If this were broken down like a rack rig, the HD500 would be the preamp and your amp's power section would be the power amp. Some power amps are very transparent and add very little "color" to the tone coming out of the preamp, but others have a very unique tone of their own. In contrast, running the HD500 straight to a powered monitor will be a more accurate representation of whatever amp model setting you select.
I dont think my Crate GX-20R has an effects loop, because there are no inputs in the back or anything.

So I guess the HD500 wouldn't sound good from this amp then? And I would have to buy a monitor.... At that rate, I might as well buy another guitar amp with an effects loop, so that it would have a function other than just being an output for the effects pedal. Does this sound about right? If so, which budget guitar amp can do this?

Searching for a great lead/metal/shred tone ala Petrucci, Rob Marcello, Romeo, etc....

Please help if you can in terms of pedals, amps, and what combination to reach that tone.
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