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Being completely atheist or completely religious are both stupid. Both state that they know for sure what the truth is while, at this moment in time, there isn't enough evidence to prove either the argument for the existence or non-existence of a deity.

While I myself am an atheist I am truly more of an agnostic atheist which pretty much means that, although I personally don't believe in a god or gods, I also have the intelligence to say that at this point in time, there isn't enough evidence to completely prove or disprove the existence of a god.

But, that being said, there is almost certainly no god out there, and although it can't be proven now, it will be proven in the future through scientific advancements and the exploration of the universe. Sticking to faith is petty and silly. Live your life as a good person, and if a god does exist and an afterlife does too, then you're pretty much in because you lived as a good person that made life better for those around.

If you, however, live your life as a good person and then after you die a god exists and won't let you in an afterlife because he says "you didn't believe in me", then he is a petty god and if this happens to me I'm glad I don't go into his ....ty afterlife, because that guy would be a huge dick if he pulled that move.
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