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Originally Posted by Treeunit212 View Post
Morality is inside all of us. It was not invented in The Bible, and a lack of religion growing up does not cause a lack of morality. I am living proof of that. Though I will admit it is definitely useful in impoverished places, where morality is seldom seen when looking out the window.

Religion helps us get through the day and gives us hope, yes, but it also causes conflict and unnecessary global war and genocide (crusades, current war on terror, Israel/Palestine, etc.).

All I'm saying is, the bad outweighs the good.
Agreed, its sad we need a book to teach morality, but some people find it comfort and it works for them. And if something gives someone a sense of morality, who are we to knock that? Religion sure causes conflict, but those people aren't the masses and should be treated separately. We need to address the problem of the conlfict itself, not simply blame it on that religion as a whole.

I should add that its late and I'm starting to chat complete .....
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