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Exciting new Bernie Rico Jr customs

So I've recently been discussing a couple of customs with Bernie Rico Jr. So far, I am nothing but impressed - talking to this guy is as easy as talking to myself, if I knew how to build world-class guitars, haha. I don't know of any other luthier that approaches guitar building with the same amount of passion as Bernie - he's just as excited as I am, if not even MORE excited about the ideas I present to him, and his suggestions are always brilliantly awesome.

The point of this thread is to constantly update it with new pieces of info, specs, pics, etc., and eventually clips and videos. Most of the guys that know me on here think of me as a dirty gear whore. However, I'm finally starting to put together music for what will be a long running project under the name Of Angels, and these two guitars are going to be my main tools for the first recordings.

There'll be more info about that stuff later on. For now, here's a little bit of what we all actually care about:

Guitar #1

7 string Jekyll Slim
27.5" scale
One piece Macasser Ebony neck and fretboard
- the back of the neck where the truss rod is inserted will be covered with either Abalone or Maple - what do you think it should be?
Mahogany body wings
Top wood: either one piece Macasser Ebony, some other similar "tree-like" wood, or figured maple
Hipshot hard tail
Schaller locking tuners
Single coil in the neck, hum in the bridge - BKP's, probably Trilogy and Warpig - white covers
Black hardware
Stainless steel frets
Single volume control, 3-way switch, both far out of the way

Guitar #2

Rico-style Telecaster prototype!!
7 strings
26.1875" scale
Unique, totally badass Slant top Tele shape
Birds eye maple neck and fingerboard
Korina or Ash wings
Flamed maple top with blue, "moon-burst" finish
Bridge, not yet decided on
3 + 4 headstock

The Jekyll is being spec'd out for surgically precise riffing, shred, and heavy as .... rhythms. The Macasser neck, being really hard to get a hold of to begin with, is a first for Bernie so he seems really pumped to work on it. I've seen only one other fully neck-through guitar with such a neck, and I simply can not wait to see how fast it plays.

The specs on the Tele shape are just what I have in mind at the moment, but are definitely subject to change. It'll be the first of Bernie's new body style that he's been working on for a little while, but it ought to be more badass than the average prototype. I want to spec it out to be unsurpassable in terms of its ability to produce complex clean tone beauty, and singing leads.

I'm entirely open to suggestions, so let them fly if you have any. Im just genuinely excited, as these are the first guitars I've ever had made just for me (no, they won't end up in the classifieds ) and I wanted to share them with you guys.

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