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Originally Posted by neurosis View Post
2. Peavey Valve King Head

I have seen some demos and liked it. Was going for one of these, but a guy at the local shop told me they are pretty weak. I don't know if it's a hybrid or a full tube, but I know I have seen people rip the .... with them on stage. As a home-eventual gig piece of gear it seems to be a good option. I see you can get a very tight tone with active pickpups, so that is worth of consideration given my axe's specs. Apparently it is very boomy on the cleans though. I won't use it for that though...

4.Randall RH 150G3PLUS Head

A hybrid I was considering for the price, but an option that I have read here and in other forums is kind of a hit or miss affair. Some say they were lucky to get a good one and some say it was crap. I don't like the idea of it being a mixed amp. What part is the tube part, if the distortion on this one is not tube driven I don't want it I guess.


IF it's really what it promises and it sounds like in the demos. THis thing can roar like a mother I haven't seen it boosted, but as a standalone it crunches with power. It' sa mean little one trick pony, but maybe what I am after. There is no place in Madrid to try it out so I would have to order it from Germany.
These are the three I'd spend my time with to see which was the one for me. You also seem a little more interested in these than the other ones.

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