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Originally Posted by Demoniac View Post
Hot damn, I really like your stuff.

I used to draw more, but never really felt comfortable with pens/pencils, so my drawing has taken a huge back seat to the graphics work

Really should get back into it...
Originally Posted by Demoniac View Post
Actually, honestly, your general style is pretty similar to mine (scratchy pen work, weird stuff going on and whatnot). Yours is just better
Thanks man! Yeah I didn't draw for a really long time, It took a backseat to my own insecurities.

Originally Posted by Psychobuddy View Post
Not really my style, but it's some cool .....

Exaggerating the darks would really make them pop (ala your self portrait)...anyway keep it up.

Also using colours like in the facebook girl would be really cool.
Yeah man, I mean, these are very much just 20-45 minute sketchy pieces.

Originally Posted by Stealthtastic View Post
Dude those are awesome; i dig the .... out of your style. The one of Fripp especially, I feel the same way about Frippster.
Thanks man! I loves me some Frippy.

Originally Posted by Randy View Post
Your style is actually very similar to mine, when I freehand.
awesome dude!

Originally Posted by Customisbetter View Post
These are really nice. You definitely have a unique style.

My school art eventually turned 100% Isometric and then the counselors threw me into Engineering. Engineering. I'm thinking once I'm done with my associates where I am now I might try and get into art school somewhere.

Anyways, here are some new ones:

Played with the girl a little more

Pris from Blade Runner, dont like how her face came out, but I kept going with it anyway

Some weird face thing

"Human Nature"

Some quick Eye Sketch:

Some quick whale sketch that I'm thinking about turning into a full blows drawing, but Im not sure yet:

Nils from Sleepytime Gorilla Museum:

And a picture of HR Giger I've been working on for a while:

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