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Originally Posted by IamOthello View Post
Hello fellow'rs. So in my downtime at my uni, I like to browser a few sites. Sevenstring obviously being one of them. One thing that really bothers me, and hopefully other people feel this way too, is the dirty metal heads at the top.

I use a laptop that gets shared a lot so there isn't a lot of room to save names + passwords, and until you log into your account, there is always a stereotypical dirty metal head with an ugly axe at the top.

I am not kidding either, this is a sincere post and I was curious if others feel the same way. When I'm on campus, say in a class with down time or sitting in the commons waiting for a class, I want to get on sevenstring but I also feel like it gives me the "dirty metal head" image. I wouldn't care about image if not for the fact I go to a fairly prestigious music school and when people see things like that, they ignorantly stereotype my compositions as ignorant and "metal".

Apparently, that's frowned upon by the stuck up rich students. This school is really competitive and filled with rich snobs that were payed into here as opposed to the few of us that worked hard with music to get in. Now, obviously my professors don't see this start up page, nor would they care, but it really does feel weird.

I know this is a really weird ass post, but I'm being genuine, is there a way I can change the image at the top? Or maybe insert a new picture for an add if that is within your power, oh seven string God?

I have no idea, but I have a suggestion. .... what the stuck up rich kids think, if they think your compositions are "metal", then too bad for them. If your professors don't see it then it really doesn't matter. You're not getting marked by said stuck up rich kids, are you?
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