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Originally Posted by bostjan View Post
I never said that the cost of living was the same there as it is here, but that raises a whole new point. Why is the cost of living low or high? There are many factors that determine cost of living. Two of the big ones are: Quality of Life and Gross National Product. The higher the QoL, the higher the cost of living, pure and simple.
Not always true, unless your QoL gauge is how many "things" you have. Buddhist monks probably would rate their QoL very high, and I believe the "cost" of living to be quite low, relatively.

Originally Posted by bostjan View Post
If I wanted to live in a cave eating spiders, I could live a decently long amount of time, but the quality of life would suck. The higher the GNP, the more readily available good are where I live, and thus, the lower the cost of living. Although other factors are involved, the GNP of the USA is still higher than that of China by at least two fold, which points to the standard of living as a major culprit.
I was under the impression it was much closer to ten-fold... No longer the case?

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