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I've had income some way or another ever since I've been in a band. I bought my own SG standard at 13. Hell, it took me three months to afford a brand new Horizon NT-II earlier this year (I was 16) and another couple weeks for a pair of BKPs. Last year I bought a Hughes & Kettner switchblade, a Larrivee, a peavey cab and quite a few DiMarzios for experimentation (not to mention all the random crap I blow my money on/tearing through strings/buying pedals). No offense to him but if he can't afford to pick up a pair of EMGs from craigslist he should probably get a job or something. I'm sure he's a good player, and I've given kids my age a chance despite cheap gear, but there's a reason why bands look for people with jobs or at least gear good enough to get by.
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