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Originally Posted by davemeistro View Post
The tuning doesn't change in the middle of the song. The tuning for Racecar is Bb Db Ab Db Gb Bb Eb. The reason Misha played that section of the song was because the guitar he had was a six string tuned to CGCFAD, which is only a half step down from the top six strings in the Racecar tuning, and that section of the song doesn't use the seventh string.
This times 1000

The biggest problem with this tab is the tuning. It makes some riffs extremely impractical to play, and also excludes some notes from chords. Changing the tuning will give you a massive amount of room to improve.

I'll look through the tab when I get home(about a week...) I may have mentioned it before, but Nolly showed me how to play most of the first part of the song, I'll try to correct what I can.

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