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Thank you guys I love this song and I use guitar pro for years ^^

Thank you so much for your correction, this will be really usefull.
"Will be" because in France it's 11h30 pm and I wake up at 6 a.m tomorow >.< so I will check it then.
Then I absolutely agree with you, when I was too lazy or when I couldn't hear notes or rythm, I tabbed my own interpretation, so the tab is not accurate. But in a 15 minutes song, that's normal.

The tuning changes in the middle of the song yeah, I read it in the Misha's interview here → Guitar Messenger – Periphery: Misha Mansoor Masterclass (Part 2)

To finish, I did'nt understand all you say, for the same reason I don't speak well English, I'm french, but your comment was clear.
I know now what I have to correct.
Thank you for your help, this is what I hoped
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