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Tom Winspear
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I highly recommend baritone. Like, really.
You can go to 27" or so and it will only feel like playing one fret lower. I really can't understand why anyone would complain about that.
I have a 25.5" 7 string. I used to tune to B standard. The 7 string packs that are sold have a very thin B string in matching with the rest of the pack. For example a 56 with a 10 set. It was necessary to use a 60 or so to feel consistant.
I then tuned to drop A, needing a 66 to feel good.
I now tune to drop G# with a 70.

It doesn't sound good because the strings are so thick, but for me learning to play technical stuff, feel is much more important than tone as I am not performing. Only for this reason is it acceptable, but I will never consider a non-baritone guitar again. Seen as you want to tune to G, that's even lower than me...I wouldn't dream of not using a 27". It really doesn't feel different. At all.
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