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New to 7 strings, down-tuning and guitar advice much appreciated!

Hey all, new to the forum but I've been playing music for about 7 years. I've been getting back into metal lately as I seek to expand my repertoire and improve my technique (mostly I play blues, think later Paul Butterfield and Robben Ford, and funk, think the aforementioned, Parliament, Average White Band, the Crusaders with Larry Carlton, some folk and rock and other stuff, think Arcade Fire, Gaate, the Decemberists, Hot Tuna, Modest Mouse, basically everything hear and like). I'm really into Cryptopsy (before the new vocalist), Opeth (I know they tune in E), Meshuggah, In Flames, SYL, and Devin Townsend's solo stuff (I know I'd be transposing his Cmaj stuff into standard), and a lot more, some black metal like Ildjarn and Carpathian Forest, just too much to list.

I want to get a neck-through or glued-on 7, preferably with EMG's but not crucial. Brand name doesn't matter, but I don't want to spend over $1200. Preferably not baritone, but I'll consider it. I'm kind of small, plus I like the versatility of standard scale. Right now, I'm considering a new Carvin DC727, or a used ESP SC404, I want the burst finish they discontinued. Obviously if I went with a used ESP I could spend half of what the Carvin would cost, so I'm probably not going with the former unless I become absolutely taken with one.

Any other quality suggestions? I looked at a white Schecter Blackjack in the music store, used for under $500, and even though the neck was fatter than I like, it was pretty nice. It may have been glued-on, which is cool with me, and had EMG's. If any body has experience with comparing these instruments, I would appreciate any help.

Also, I want to tune it G, C, F, Bb, D, C. Going to use D'Addario Heavy Plain 3rd, 12-54. I really don't want a wound 3rd! They sell singles, so for the low G, what would you recommend? I'm thinking .64, .66, or .68.

Thank you for your help! I look forward to lots of good discussion with you ladies and gents on the forum.
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