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Originally Posted by MorbidAddiction View Post
More 'tamed' riffing. More structured compositional. Dislike vocals from faceless, find them too aggressive, I dunno what it is, but not really into them and prefer Opeth style vocals and music to be a more 80's - 90's rock/metal approach to riffing - though defiantly have pieces that break out into that style, but I like to think of it in terms of drumming:
- You can blast beat the .... out of a song, but then you can't apply it to have that effect of heaviness in contrast to the song. If that makes sense to anyone haha. Using it constantly makes it lose its appeal.

Same could be said for compositional uses for 'breakdowns', 'poly rhythmics' etc etc... its all about contrast to me

Sorry if this disappoints you .
not at all, Im all about dynamics
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