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Originally Posted by orb451 View Post
Here's the thing, the fee of $75 goes to support the fire department when there's *not* a fire. It goes to the department so they can hire people, buy equipment and maintain their existing equipment. If they just let anyone pay the fee when their house was on fire, take a guess at what would happen.

No one would pay the yearly fee and the only people that would, would be those with their houses literally in flames.

In *that* part of Tennessee, the services are paid for up front by the rural residents. Don't pay the fee, don't get the services. If you fail to pay your car insurance, and then you get in an accident, do you think you just get to pay last month's premium on the spot and get coverage? If your spouse has a life insurance policy and then dies unexpectedly without paying their last premium, do you *honestly* expect to collect? I hope not, because that's not the way things work.

It's sad that these people lost their home, however, the residents of this area and most (or all) of Tennessee have fought tooth and nail against income taxes that would have paid for Fire Department services as they do most everywhere else. So, in this situation, the residents knew full well that Fire services were paid for in advance, every year. Letting that fee lapse is obviously a VERY big deal. If they don't like it, they should start paying income taxes or what have you AHEAD of time, so things like this are covered in the event of an emergency.
100% agree.
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