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OK, important here... turns out I was wrong about the GT-10 and it's effect spillover. I did a test just now and found it wasn't carrying over my delay tails. It was carrying my reverb between two patches (without delay), but when I tried to go from a delay patch to a clean patch it cutoff the tail. Rather annoyed I went back to the manual and noticed the small print that says for effects to carry over two things must be met:

1. The effect chain has to be the same
2. The delay timing must be the same

So WTF is the point of that!?? I'm so sick of companies dicking us around with claims and subprint. How hard is it to really make a delay continue to echo out when a preset changes? I know it's not THAT hard.

Meh, gonna return the GT-8 then and go with the HD500, might be more fun having 8 FX blocks that can be any effect, chaining several of the same effect in a row, like delays, can provide some interesting ambient textures.

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