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Regarding inter-forum squabbling...

It's come to my attention that this is something that needs addressing. Bickering/flaming/insulting of other forums will not be tolerated here. A lot of you guys should know better than that, but it looks like a few of you didn't get the memo. If you have an issue with a member or members from another forum, that's your problem but we don't want your drama.

This is a guitar forum, not the editorial section of your local newspaper or the nail salon or something. If you're caught trash talking another forum or looking to stir up trouble, you're getting a ban. If you're just here to take pot shots at someone else you don't have the balls to contact directly, we don't need you here. Period.

Again, this has been the rule for a long time but apparently it bears repeating... you get caught on here trashing another forum, you're gone.

Now go play nice.

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