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Originally Posted by Larrikin666 View Post
Cleartone makes some .65s that might fit your needs better.
actualy was hoping not to go thicker than .060

Originally Posted by Philligan View Post
Doesn't Dunlop have a new line out that's supposed to have a thicker core for more tension? One sec.

Here we go:
Introducing Heavy Core Strings | Dunlop Blog
Buy Dunlop Heavy Core Electric Guitar Strings 10-48 | .010 Gauge | Musician's Friend

You could throw a .010 on top and then do a .012-.054 going down. Not sure if it'll be tight enough, but since you mentioned you like the feel of thinner strings, it could be worth a try. I'm curious about these myself.
In theory the should have more tenssion than a same gauged string of daddrio's.

Originally Posted by bostjan View Post
DR's always feel a tad tighter to me than regular D'Addarios.

D'Addarios Chromes are tighter than most strings, but they tend to put more wear on frets.

Also, someone posted a thread here about strings with heavy cores, which would result in higher tension.
just checked their site. they even have drop-down tunning(DDT) strings. want to get my hand on that 60 they are using there

XX-Heavy DDT-12 12 16 20 38 52 60
(they also have a 013 to 65)
not quite sure about their gauge size choices there in the set 52 is a bit much.
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