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Originally Posted by Gallowsforgrace View Post
Just got my 5150 up and running again after it being out of action for a while. In the Peavey's downtime I purchased a Randall V2 which I love. I tried both of them next to each other blended and the sound I've pulled is mindblowing. The Randall Has a nice sizzling top end and a huge bottom end, while the 5150 compliments perfectly with it's rich midrange. With some tweaking of both EQs the sound was unbelievable!

I have a half loaded cab which at the moment accomodates the peavey nicely. I'm planning on loading some 150w speakers that I can run at 8 ohms on the other side for the V2.
I don't want to hear this, I have to hear this.

I've got a V2 and was amazed at how it sounded live w/ my buddy's band (he borrowed it). I sold my 6505+ for it, of which, i loved the crunch. So to hear them both blended...
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