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some things you might try ...

Ozone's mastering stereo widener, or one that can widen separate freq bands, what you want is to widen the highs, never, ever widen the bass freqs. This is not going to instantly make the mix huge but it does make a subbtle difference.

and thats what the 'huge' ness you are talking about comes from, it's subtle differences in the waveforms of your guitars distortion, the stereo verb on your snare, the OH's panned hard LR, and of course TONS of compression to bring out the details. Obviously you probably know that so i don't know why i typed that

it's not like i dont have this problem ever but recently i rarely ever think my mix .. isn't 'huge'

i just listened to your TSE x30 test.. from what i hear it's either the guitars not being panned hard LR or there is some stereo reverb on them ... hard to pin down. But yea that track is definatley not 'huge'

ive never panned guitars anything other than 100% L/R. if you quad track, stop doing that

umm and i disagree with putting verb on the master, thats a really really bad idea. good mixing, and especially limiting wil glue things together, not reverb

but yea i would avoid stereo wideners on everything, exept a multiband one when you master the track
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