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Originally Posted by Gameboypdc View Post
Have you tried or are you using a expander on your master track? I found this really helps when mixing/mastering. I also would recommend using minimal post EQ if at all possible. I found that the more time spent on fixing and or forcing a track to blend with another just made my mixes feel 2D. When you do your mixes do you listen thru a headset or studio monitors? If you use monitors, what volume level do you listen to your mix at? I've listened to your stuff quite a bit and I honestly think it's great, although I can see what you mean when you say 2D. Hang in there though your not the only one who is still trying to achieve professional quality mixes.

First off thanks a milly for the kind words bro! I use a mix of head phones and Moniters. I always listen with a low volume so I can hear it all without the bass bomming in out just plain out fatiguing my ears too bad. Later when I'm trying to get the whole feel of the finished product I will turn my moniters up just to see if the bass is gonna blow me away! I have done work with expanders but I honestly have no idea where to start with them. I almost want to treat them like a multiband comp because it has compression and three bands but when you throw the expansion into the mix I have no idea where to pan the seperation! I've tried panning the bass the widest and working my way in to finally having the treble centered and a slight bit of seperation in the master but it still sounds off. Any suggestions?
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