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Originally Posted by NovaReaper View Post
Chapters is the best album of 2010.

It's astonishing how many people don't realize just how much music theory this band puts into their music, and just think OMG BRUTALZ LOL. And even the people who do, think they're jazz based. If you listen closely, they're using 12 tone technique in almost every song. Even the most tonal song on the album (Engulfed in Excruciation) uses tone row riffs during the first breakdown.

The atmosphere created by such technical mastery is truly hellish. When you listen to this album, listen for riffs with notes in groups of 12 or more. None of those notes will repeat until all 12 chromatic pitches have been sounded. I view this album as a masterful interpretation of Schonberg's 12 tone technique, rather than just another brutal death metal album. Truly inspiring band.
holy .... really??? i never really noticed, i always thought they wrote those riffs by feel.... i didnt know they actually use schoenbergs methods
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