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This for the most part is what I'm talking about...

Imagine the clarity and LACK of bit compression you could have if you record at a very high fidelity in DVD audio... Each channel getting a higher quality reproduction than that of a CD. More bit depth AND higher sample rates, plus the separation of the instruments into their own channels. No more EQing out a lot of the instruments range just so they all have room in a stereo spectrum. Echoes and choruses that swirl instead of pan. Verb that surrounds you. There's SO much potential and people don't think to write for the media.

I know as a music form it doesn't relate to our community... But anyone with a 5.1 system owes it to themselves to pick up an electronic album by BT called This Binary Universe. It comes with a stereo mix CD and a DVD with short films composed for each song... Best part is... He composed the whole album in 5.1. Not mixed... Composed. While his newborn daughter sat in his lap. The album is intended as a lullaby for her. Some of the most inspiring music I've ever heard.

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