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Originally Posted by ILuvPillows View Post
Yeah i think that there was/is so much emphasis on the religious motives/ conspiracy theories that sometimes people (including myself) forget about the actual human life lost back then. Both Christian, Muslim aswell as Athiest. It's definately a dark day in human history that IMO is being remembered for the wrong reasons. To me it's not a case that Terrorism became a serious threat and concern that day but more that the incident itself shows how we as a United world failed to avoid such a thing from happening by being unable to tolerate alternative belief and lifestyle.

(I even think the whole case of "Terrorism" is shown in the wrong light. Terrorists aren't simply 2 dimensional evil people who want to hurt and kill everything, they truly believe that they are doing the right thing and are good. It's saddening that we won't ever stop terrorism until this has been set straight in peoples mind, the changes that have to be made are within everyone's respect for one another, not by brute force. Altough i guess this belongs in a different thread)
Valid points, but I don't think it's down to the Western community not tolerating the Muslim religion. If anything, that has been caused by this event. The main cause of 9/11 is down to the governments not handling conflicts in the Middle East effectively, and just leaving them to it. A lot of hate has built up there, and combined with a very religiously fearful community, that is a volatile combination.

But yeah, lets not go on about it here because everyone has their own opinion on how, why and what happened and to be honest it doesn't change the fact that injustice has and is happening.

Originally Posted by Adam Of Angels View Post
I do, of course, offer my respect for the tragedy of that day. However, it is not a matter of remembering as we've not been given anything but constant reminders since that day.. in the states, that is.

I can imagine man, obviously over here we had our opwn terrorist attack and we were more effected by that, but even then we don't pay it as much attention as we should. The British public moved on far too quickly. It is good you guys get reminded by it, because becoming as numb and disrespectful as we are is nto a good thing.
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