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Originally Posted by orb451 View Post
Can't say that I have.


I was actually referring to the people on here and their comments. It's not a stretch to see them (The WBC and others like them) being held up as poster children for moronic behavior on this forum on a regular basis and thus subject to ridicule. And it's also not a stretch to see run-of-the-mill Christians/Catholics absolutely slammed on here on a regular basis whenever any kind of religious discussion comes up. While the people you know personally may shrug off the WBC and their actions (and that's great), people on here frequently do not just shrug them off and ignore them. Moreover, people on here are quick to judge anyone with Christian/Catholic leanings and lump them in with evangelicals, fundamentalists, New Earth Creationists, et al. And I say this as an outsider, not affiliated or subscribing to ANY major religion.

And the point I'm making is, on here, if it were a Christian/Catholic community center being put up, and for whatever reason, if it made a national stink, as this Islamic center has, people on *here* would be verbally bashing them left, right and center and god forbid (no pun intended) someone on *here* comes on, who happens to believe in God or sonny Jesus and tries to defend it, they'd be sent packing in short order.

See my point? If on here, it's OK to lump in any religious believers with the silly extremist points of view and paint a group with large brush strokes, than it should be OK regardless of which religion we're collectively taking a dump on. That's all.


That's a fact.

Those are opinions. Neither right, nor wrong, just like the people whose opinions are different from yours. There's a difference between a fact and an opinion. Going by what you said earlier, if you support their right to say things, even if you disagree with them, why tell them to shut up? As you said, it's not going to stop anything, they're not going to stop voicing their discontent and in all likelihood, provided the developers get their funding, the center will probably be built and the whole matter will just fade away.

Yeah I think I get what you're saying.

Ummmm ok, thanks for the tip! Here's a few from me: Don't swim in shark infested waters. Always look both ways before crossing the street. Never look a gift horse in the mouth. Don't bite the hand that feeds you. Always use the buddy system, especially when riding a bike, hiking or taking a shower.

...... my buddy doesn't have to be a DUDE does it?
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