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^^^Right, so much easier said than done. If you lost family members in the 9/11 attacks or someone close to you, you *might* be singing a different tune. On the other hand, you *might* not. Don't slag the people that are against this just because you can't or don't understand where they're coming from.

Next time someone threatens to burn a Qu'ran or draw cartoon Mohammed or tell some chick to take off her ninja uniform or hajib at her place of work, and some Muslims get their panties in a twist, you be sure to tell them to stop being such pussies too m'kay?

Next time the WBC decides to protest gays doing whatever gays do, or abortion clinics, or some other random ...., you be sure to tell the people offended to .... off as well.

So long as you're applying your ".... off" mentality with equal measure across the board, I've no problems with it.
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