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Originally Posted by heyimdallas View Post
Wow, it was a joke dude. I have no idea what me being from Arkansas has anything to do with my "ignorant" statement, but to me, that seems a little more ignorant than my joke about white guitarists liking Slayer. Anyone who honestly believes Arkansans are still barefoot hillbillies with 4 teeth and a jug of moonshine in their hand are WAY more ignorant than any person that makes a joke about white guitarists liking Slayer.

I've lurked for a while and finally got an account and on pretty much my first post I run into you two dickholes. Not exactly the welcome wagon.

nah man, were not dickholes.

I myself was simply following an ignorant statement with another. which is dumb of me. lets restart,i myself hate slayer haha. but were all here to help. like Max said, clarification is key. if you know what youre trying to say do that, because it helps us to help you. You wouldnt believe some of the posts made so you have to take it as you see it.

and im gonna say it again, cause idk if you saw it.

youre better off doing a whole new fretboard. the inlays are a .... ton of material to have to replace.
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