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Originally Posted by Konfyouzd View Post
^ Is that really fair when you spend close to 11 hrs/day basically working out?

I promise this isn't a troll post... Just an observation.

Not directed at anyone in particular: Also, there'll come a point in time when we're all "unattractive" according to our current "standards". Not that one shouldn't do all they can to look their best should they so choose to do so, but perhaps *some* ppl put a little too much value in something that doesn't last all that long anyway...

On the opposite side of the spectrum I've had quite a few gfs that were more or less perfect in terms of my idea of eye candy, but they were pretty much worthless in all other walks of life...

perfect... i now no longer look for the eye candy, i at least try to stay away haha...i find that the 'hotter' someone is the more they are missing the tools to sustain an actual relationship and for that matter a real convo. if they say 'like' more than 5 time in three sentences i just walk away, cause that's the road i have learned to stay away from.

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