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Originally Posted by zindrome View Post
Here's some alternate advice to what other people have said so far.
Working out can be boring to a lot of people. Doing other physical activities together like going on hikes, biking on a trail, taking up rowing, join a local soccer club, join a swim team, go rock climbing, take up dancing, hot steamy yoga sessions etc etc can be a good alternative to hitting the gym. Bonus is you get to to hang out, have fun and lose weight together.
Worth a shot if she doesn't want to hit the gym.
I'm not really a fan of going for runs or stuff anymore. I just find it boring.
I do however do weight training, which I suppose is like "Hitting the gym" in a way, but unlike running I do find it really enjoyable.
For when I wanna do other activity, I'll go to a basketball court with a friend and shoot some hoops, cruise around on my skateboard, or kick a ball around. Doing stuff in a social situation tends to make exercise more fun
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